New Origins Welcomes Motocross Rider Aaron Baker and Everclear Lead Singer Art Alexakis

Aaron Baker Inspires After Devastating Injury

On April 4, New Origins members listened to the powerful testimonies of overcoming adversity and beating addiction from former professional motocross rider Aaron Baker and his sister Arielle Baker.

In May of 1999, Aaron Baker was practicing for an upcoming motocross competition when his bike malfunctioned and he suffered a devastating crash in which he broke his neck and became paralyzed from the neck down. Deemed a complete quadriplegic by doctors who gave him a “one in a million” chance at ever regaining any kind of function, Aaron did not accept that prognosis and devoted himself, with the help of his family, to recovery. Through perseverance and the belief that he could overcome, Aaron has regained the ability to feed himself, walk and even ride a bike, and he is determined to share his story of hope and possibility with those who need it most.

Ronn_Honn_and_Aaron_BakerWhile Aaron was working on recovering from his injury, his younger sister Arielle fell into a spiral of addiction. Aaron, however, never gave up on her, and eventually she was able to overcome her struggles with substance abuse and lead a sober life. Theirs is an inspiring story of personal growth, strength and the power of helping one another through truly dark times.


Everclear’s Lead Singer Speaks About Sobriety and Finding Meaning in Life

On April 11, the lead singer of Everclear, Art Alexakis spoke at New Origins about his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse and his recovery journey. Sober for 29 years, Art reflected on his mental health issues and how he couldn’t find happiness through money and fame. His overarching message was one of hope and encouragement – no matter who you are, you can overcome addiction and lead a fulfilled and sober life.



Hearing the Testimony of Those Who’ve Been There

Part of the New Origins continuum of care is hearing recovery stories from people who have confronted their addictions and have achieved peace and healing through their commitment to living sober lives. These talks are designed to inspire and to show our patients that there is a life after addiction and it can be a good life, filled with purpose, clarity, friendship and value.


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