Outpatient Program at New Origins

New Origins has a special program where patients can get all the help and support they need without having to stay overnight. This way, they can keep doing their daily activities and tasks while also working towards getting better.

Understanding Outpatient Programs

Our program is like a helping hand for those wanting to overcome addiction. Unlike some programs where you need to stay at a place for a while, ours lets people come for treatment and then go on with their day, like going to work or school. It’s a way to get help without pausing your whole life.

Why Choose Outpatient Treatment at New Origins

Maintain Daily Routines:

A big plus of our program is that you can keep doing your daily tasks, like work or school. This means you can use what you learn in treatment in your everyday life right away.

Support Systems:

Being close to family and loved ones can bolster recovery, offering additional emotional support.


Often, outpatient programs are more affordable than their inpatient counterparts, making them accessible to more individuals.

Personalized Care:

New Origins prioritizes a tailored approach, understanding that each patient has unique needs.

Components of Our Outpatient Program


Knowing about addiction is super important. At New Origins, we teach people all about how addiction works. We help them find out what might cause them to use again and show them ways to handle these situations.

Therapy Sessions:

Group and one-on-one talks help people talk about their feelings, learn more, and get better. In these talks, we look into the big reasons behind addiction to help everyone heal.

Medical Monitoring:

Some people might need doctors to check on them often, especially when they start getting better. These check-ups make sure they’re feeling good both in their body and their mind.

Skill-building Workshops:

New Origins doesn’t just help people stop using bad stuff. They also teach them important skills to live a happy and healthy life. This means learning how to handle stress, manage money, and even find a good job.

What to Expect from the Duration of the Program

While everyone’s journey is unique, New Origins recommends a minimum engagement of 90 days to ensure the foundation for recovery is robust. Depending on individual needs, some might require longer periods, ranging from 4-6 months or even a year.

Family Involvement in Outpatient Programs

Family plays a major role in the recovery journey. Their involvement can:

  • Enhance Patient’s Motivation: Knowing loved ones are involved can significantly boost patients’ morale.
  • Educate the Family: Families need to understand addiction, allowing them to offer the right kind of support.
  • Strengthen Family Bonds: Joint counseling sessions can mend strained relationships, fostering a supportive home environment.

Making the Decision for a Loved One

New Origins knows that addiction can be hard on families. So, they invite families to join in and help their loved one get better. From the start to the end, they make sure families are there to give strong and loving support.


Reach Out to New Origins

Every step in fighting addiction is important. New Origins wants to help patients and their families every step of the way. If you have questions about our program or anything else, please ask our friendly team.

#1 Outpatient Program

Getting better isn’t just a goal; it’s a journey. At New Origins, we know it’s brave to ask for help and to try to change while dealing with everyday life. Our outpatient program fits your needs, making sure you move forward strongly, and with hope for a future free from addiction.

If you or a friend need help, New Origins is here to guide and cheer you on. Let’s start your new chapter full of hope and strength.

Contact us now, and find a life where addiction doesn’t hold you back.