Outpatient Rehab Program

The Next Step in Your Recovery Journey

Completing an inpatient detox and rehab program is a first, critically important step in the recovery journey. It takes hard work, dedication and a daily commitment to the self. And once you’ve accomplished this, every day after represents an opportunity to stay faithful to the sober life. But after exiting an intensive recovery program, patients often return to the same environment, the same people, and the same stressors that helped create the addictive behaviors in the first place.

The challenges that come with this reality can feel overwhelming. But New Origins is here to help.

At our Redlands, California outpatient facility, New Origins supports men in recovery as they return to life as usual. Our customized programs are designed to help patients arm themselves with the tools necessary to deal with the big stressors and the small annoyances that can lead to relapse. We serve patients from Redlands, San Bernardino, Riverside, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, and beyond.

Our team develops customized case management plans to include the guidance and resources that patients need to grow in independence. Our support systems can provide help with job applications and career aptitude evaluations, appointment setting and transportation, financial and funding coordination, and on-going accountability checks and follow-up.

Programs run in the mornings and evenings to accommodate working, school and parenting schedules.

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Our Outpatient Rehab Program Profile Includes:

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Person-Centered PHP, IOP & OP Services

We specialize in person-centered PHP, OP and IOP services. We start with a Needs/SNAP Assessment where we evaluate our patients’ strengths, needs, abilities and preferences. We use this evaluation to help us understand our patients as unique individuals and to develop a customized plan of care complete with mutually agreed upon goals and objectives. To meet these goals and objectives, our team uses the SNAP insights to develop the perfect blend of activities, assignments, and group/individual sessions that have the best chance of success.

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Anger Management

As certified anger management facilitators, our team incorporates the fundamentals of anger, stress management and conflict resolution into our curriculum. We work with our patients to understand how improperly dealing with anger and frustration negatively impacts the recovery process. Our workshops help patients understand the ways that anger and stress affect their personal relationships, job performance, and coping ability. Finally, we help our patients develop healthy anger management techniques and strategies that can be utilized both in the moment and in anticipation of stressful situations.

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Money Management, Educational & Vocational Support, Job Search

At New Origins, our aim is to help our patients develop a stable environment for themselves and their families. Financial knowledge and job security are critical to this effort. Understanding the concepts of basic finance such as bank account management, credit card debt and budgeting is essential to creating a life where happiness and security can flourish. Meanwhile, stable employment and the development of job skills not only help with financial stability but also help patients establish the purpose and meaning in their lives that makes recovery worthwhile. We help our patients access the educational certifications and job training they need to qualify for meaningful employment.

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Life Skills & Crisis Management

Communicating, decision making, problem-solving, and listening are skills that, when developed, can help a person navigate the hard times of life a little bit easier. Critical thinking development can help patients better see the long-term consequences of their decisions and actions, and resilience is essential to being able to bounce back after disappointment. These are the type of life skills New Origins helps our patients develop, as they are crucial to maintaining lasting sobriety, building self-esteem and developing empathy for oneself and others.

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Psychiatry, Therapy & Counseling

Unresolved trauma and mental illness often accompany substance abuse and must be addressed in order for healing to take place. At New Origins, we strive to address the needs of the whole person. We do this by complementing our skills classes and workshops with individual and group therapy opportunities, as well as medication management.

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Parenting & Family

As cliché as it sounds, kids don’t come with instructions, and it seems like right when you understand what their needs are, they change. Because of this, parenting can be stressful and a trigger for addictive behavior. As certified parenting instructors, we help our patients develop techniques that can lead to healthier, happier families and less stressful home environments. We incorporate advice, strategies and tools for dealing with common parenting issues into our general curriculum, as well as providing specific parenting classes as needed to help our patients understand how substance use disorders can affect the family as a whole and the ability to effectively parent.

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While most of our patients have recently exited an inpatient recovery program, New Origins also assists individuals who independently manage their substance abuse issues but need additional support.


Our outpatient rehab program employs an integrated care model to treat single- and dual-diagnosis patients with addictions, including drugs, alcohol, food, gambling and the internet. Your addiction didn’t form in a month, and it will take more than a month to conquer it for good. New Origins can help you develop the life skills and coping mechanisms necessary to avoid relapse.

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