Trauma-Informed Care at New Origins

At New Origins in Redlands, CA, we know that some people use drugs or alcohol because they’ve had tough times or sad experiences in their life. When they come to us, we talk about these experiences to understand how they feel. By doing this, we help them find better ways to cope and feel better without using drugs or alcohol. We’re here to support and help everyone get back on a happier path.

Delving into Trauma Informed Care

A Holistic Perspective

For our special way of helping, called trauma informed care, to really work, everyone at New Origins needs to understand and use it. This means everyone, from the doctors to the helpers, learns about how old hurts can affect people. We know that these old hurts can change how well our help works. So, we always learn and try to do better to make sure everyone feels safe and understood.

Is Trauma Informed Care Right for You?

Recognizing the Candidates

Sometimes, bad things that happen in our past can make us feel hurt or scared inside, even if we don’t always show it. These bad things might be someone being mean, being left out, or other tough situations. At New Origins, we know that these hidden hurts can cause problems later, like turning to drugs or other harmful habits. We want to help people understand and heal from these old hurts, so they can feel better and make healthier choices.

The Vital Facets of Trauma Informed Care

A Multifaceted Approach

At New Origins, we believe that to truly help people who have faced tough times in their past, everyone in our team needs to understand and care about those hurts. From the doctors to the helpers, everyone is trained to be kind, understanding, and helpful. We know that if we all work together with this idea in mind, we can offer better support and help to those who come to us. This means always learning and doing our best to make our place safe and understanding for everyone.

The Pillars of Trauma Informed Care


Creating a place where people feel safe, both in their hearts and in their surroundings, is important. This means making a space where feelings are respected and where the environment is comfortable and secure.


Making sure each person feels like they are the boss of their own healing path. At New Origins, we help everyone believe they can take charge of getting better and making choices for themselves.



Working together to make health choices. At New Origins, we believe in teaming up with each person, so they have a say in their own care and healing plan.


Talking openly, always being there to help, and setting clear rules. At New Origins, we make sure everyone knows what’s expected and feels safe and supported.



At New Origins, we focus on giving our guests the tools and belief they need to handle challenges in their future.

Q&A: Trauma Informed Care at New Origins

At New Origins, we know that everyone is different. We suggest that people stay with us for at least 90 days to really help them get better. Some might need to stay a bit longer, like 4-6 months or maybe even a year, depending on what they need.

What exactly is Trauma Informed Care?

Trauma Informed Care is like a special way of helping people that thinks about bad things that might have happened in their past. Instead of just helping with the problem right now, it tries to understand where it all started. This way, the help given is just right for that person’s story and needs.

How does New Origins incorporate Trauma Informed Care into its treatment programs?

At New Origins, we use a special way of helping called Trauma Informed Care. This means when someone comes to us, we think about the hard things they might have gone through in the past. Our team knows how to spot these signs and makes sure everyone feels safe and understood during their time with us.


Why is it important to consider trauma in addiction treatment?

Trauma, which means really tough experiences or memories, can sometimes make people turn to drugs or other harmful things to feel better. But if we help people deal with their trauma, they have a better chance of staying away from these harmful habits in the future.


Are all New Origins staff trained in Trauma Informed Care?

Everyone who works with us, from doctors to helpers, gets regular training. This makes sure they understand and use our special way of helping, called Trauma Informed Care. So, whenever someone talks to or gets help from any of us, they feel we truly understand and care about them.

If I've never been formally diagnosed with PTSD or haven't identified any specific trauma in my past, is Trauma Informed Care still beneficial for me?

Definitely. Sometimes, trauma is hard to spot, and its signs can be quiet. But using Trauma Informed Care helps because it makes sure we have a safe and kind place for everyone. This way, even if someone hasn’t talked about their trauma, we don’t accidentally make them feel bad.


Your Healing Begins Here

At New Origins, we know that sometimes people use drugs or alcohol because they have old hurts or memories that bother them. With care and understanding, we help them heal from these old hurts. Our way of helping, called trauma informed care, is like a guiding light for many.