Individual Therapy at New Origins

Having individual therapy is super important to us. It’s like having a private chat between the therapist and the person needing help. In this comfy, caring space, people can talk about their problems and figure out how to get better.

Understanding Individual Therapy

What Does Individual Therapy Entail?

Individual therapy has many different ways to help, like using special techniques to change how we think or understanding our deep feelings. But what makes it special is it’s just you and the therapist, having private time together. This lets both of you really get to know each other and focus on what you’re going through. Most times, these talks last about an hour and can go on for as long as someone needs them.

The main idea? To figure out what’s making it hard for someone and help them feel better about themselves. The therapist is there to listen, make sure the person feels safe and cared for, and give advice on how to get better.

The Rationale Behind Individual Therapy

Why Choose Individual Therapy?

If you’re struggling with problems from using substances, it can feel really lonely. But having one-on-one talks with a therapist can be like having a friend to help you through tough times. This therapy can make you feel better and teach you ways to deal with problems.

People might choose to have these talks if they’re dealing with:

  • Feeling stressed out a lot
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Arguments with family or friends
  • Problems with eating
  • Feeling worried all the time
  • Getting mad easily
  • Bad things that happened in the past

Embarking on the Journey of Individual Therapy

A Glimpse of What’s in Store

The first time you meet with a therapist, it’s a special session. The therapist listens carefully to learn about your past and how you feel today. This helps them find the best ways to support you. Sometimes, they might ask you to do a little task or think about certain things at home. This “homework” helps you understand yourself better and continue to grow.


Q&A on Individual Therapy at New Origins

While everyone’s journey is unique, New Origins recommends a minimum engagement of 90 days to ensure the foundation for recovery is robust. Depending on individual needs, some might require longer periods, ranging from 4-6 months or even a year.

What distinguishes individual therapy from group therapy?

Individual therapy is like having a private meeting with a counselor where they can focus on just you and your feelings. It’s all about helping you with your specific problems.

Group therapy is when you’re in a group with other people who might be going through similar things. You all talk about your feelings and experiences together. It’s like being on a team where everyone helps each other.

Some people like individual therapy because it’s all about them, while others like group therapy because they can share with others who understand. You can even do both if you want!

How confidential is individual therapy?

Your secrets and private talks will always be kept secret. Nobody else needs to know what you talk about with your therapist. It’s a safe and private space.


How do I know if individual therapy is right for me?

If you ever feel like your problems are too much to handle or you want to understand why you do certain things related to using substances, talking to a therapist one-on-one can really help. It’s like having a personal guide to figure things out.

Can individual therapy be combined with other treatment modalities at New Origins?

Definitely! Sometimes, individual therapy is part of a bigger plan to help someone recover. It’s like having different tools to build a strong house.

Connect with New Origins for Individual Therapy

New Origins in Redlands, CA, is like a helping hand for people who want to overcome challenges like addiction. Our team is here to support you or your loved one on the path to healing. If you want to start this journey with us, you can get in touch with New Origins or schedule a virtual meeting to learn more. Remember, there’s always a way to a brighter and healthier future.

Together, let’s illuminate the path to recovery, with individual therapy playing an integral role in sculpting a brighter, substance-free future.