Integrated Care at New Origins

Integrated care is like a big helping hand for people with addiction problems. It mixes regular health care with special care to help not just the body, but also the mind and feelings. Addiction isn’t just about wanting something too much. It’s also tied up with many feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. To truly help someone, we need to look at the whole picture and give care that fits all their needs.

Understanding Integrated Care

What Sets Integrated Care Apart?

Integrated care at New Origins is like putting together a puzzle. It combines regular doctor care with special help for our feelings and thoughts. It’s like a team where different doctors and helpers work together to make sure we are healthy both in body and mind. Each person might get a different kind of help, just like each puzzle is different. But the goal is always the same: to help people feel their best.

Who Benefits from Integrated Care?

The Ideal Candidates

Primary care doctors are often the first people we see when we’re not feeling well. While they know a lot, they might not know everything about our feelings or thoughts. That’s where integrated care comes in. It’s like a helper bridge, connecting us to the right kind of care for our minds and feelings. If someone feels very sad, worried, or acts differently, and this is making them use drugs or alcohol, integrated care can help them get the right support.

The Symbiosis of the Collaborative Care Model

The Collaborative Care Model is like a teamwork method for helping people. It’s not just about giving medicine; it’s about everyone working together to make someone feel better. Think of it like a team where doctors, mental health experts, and care helpers join hands. They all share their knowledge and watch over the patient to make sure they get better. This teamwork makes sure that everyone gets the right kind of help, especially if they’re feeling very worried or sad.

A Cohesive Approach to Health

In the U.S., it can be hard for people to get help for their mental health because there aren’t enough experts, and sometimes people feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. The Collaborative Care Model tries to fix this by having a team work together. It’s like having a group project where everyone has a special job, and they all work together to help the person feel better. They don’t just look at one problem but try to understand the whole person. This way, everyone gets the right help they need and feel understood.

Personalized Care:

New Origins prioritizes a tailored approach, understanding that each patient has unique needs.

FAQs on Integrated Care at New Origins

While everyone’s journey is unique, New Origins recommends a minimum engagement of 90 days to ensure the foundation for recovery is robust. Depending on individual needs, some might require longer periods, ranging from 4-6 months or even a year.

How is Integrated Care different from usual treatments?

Integrated Care is like a team where doctors and mental health experts work together. This way, they can help people with both body and mind problems all at once. It’s like taking care of the whole person, not just one part

Can You Use Integrated Care with Other Treatments at New Origins?

Yes, indeed! Integrated Care is like the base of a big building. It supports other treatments to make sure the whole person gets better, from all sides. It’s like having a complete team to help you feel your best!


Why Does the Collaborative Care Model Work So Well?

It’s like a team where everyone has a different skill, and they all work together. This way, they make sure a person feels good in their mind, body, and heart all at the same time


If you’re struggling with addiction and also have some mind worries, coming to New Origins can really help. We look at everything together to help you feel better.

Connect with New Origins for Integrated Care

If you or someone you care about is facing tough times with addiction, know that full help is ready for you. At New Origins, we don’t just look at the addiction itself but all the other things that come with it. If you want to know more about how we do this, or share your own story, you can call New Origins at [phone number] or set up a chat online.

Let’s work together to make a better, happier future without addiction.