Redlands Drug Rehab

Surrounded by the serene landscape of Redlands, our Redlands drug rehab facility offers an environment conducive to reflection, growth, and healing.

 Modern amenities, combined with evidence-based therapies, ensure that each day brings you a step closer to your aspirations. 

By choosing New Origins, you’re not just entering a rehab; you’re becoming a part of a community committed to your well-being.

New Origins: The Gold Standard in Redlands Drug Rehab

The battle against drug addiction is both personal and profound. At New Origins, we are committed to guiding those who seek freedom from the chains of drug dependence. Located in the heart of Redlands, we’re here to be the compass that directs you toward a future rich in clarity and promise.

Why New Origins is the Top Choice for Drug Rehab in Redlands

Cutting-Edge Therapies:

Cutting-Edge Therapies: Experience state-of-the-art treatment modalities tailored uniquely to the nuances of drug addiction.


Dedicated Support System:

Surround yourself with a team of professionals who are not just experts in their field but are also profoundly empathetic to your journey.


Local Roots:

Being based in Redlands allows us to offer a local solution, ensuring the community we serve is the community we know and love.


Features of Our Redlands Drug Rehab Program

From one-on-one counseling to group therapies, our sessions are designed to delve deep into the causes of addiction, fostering understanding, resilience, and empowerment.

Tailored Therapy Sessions

Post-Rehab Support

Because recovery is an ongoing journey, we ensure a continuum of care, assisting you in integrating back into daily life with confidence and the tools needed to remain drug-free.

Voices from Our Community

Every individual’s journey through recovery is deeply personal, each marked by unique challenges and triumphs. At New Origins, we’ve had the honor of partnering with countless individuals on their path to renewal and well-being. These testimonials are more than just endorsements; they are heartfelt narratives of transformation, resilience, and hope. 

They offer glimpses into real-life stories of those who faced the tempests of addiction and emerged with renewed strength, all with the unwavering support of New Origins. As you read through these accounts, let them inspire you, reassure you, and most importantly, remind you of the potential within every individual for profound change. 

We are immensely proud to have played a part in these journeys and are eager to share them with you. Welcome to the voices of the New Origins community.

Their Journey


This place saved a hopeless soul like me. I was lost and had given up on life I appreciate it what this place does I see miracles everyday because of what this place has done

Kyle B.

This is the best sober living one can go to. It has helped me as far as many of the people that I have met there. I have been to other rehabs and Ron takes care of you personally like no other i have become a completely different person for the better and it’s all thanks to this program.

Embarking on a Transformative Journey with New Origins

Drug addiction doesn’t define you. Your courage, resilience, and the choices you make henceforth do. At New Origins, our Redlands Drug Rehab program is more than just treatment; it’s a partnership in paving the way to your brighter future.

Getting Started

Discover unparalleled transformation at New Origins in Redlands, where healing meets innovation in the realm of addiction recovery. Recognized as the leading Redlands drug rehab, our center stands as a sanctuary for those seeking a life free from the shackles of substance dependence. Our commitment goes beyond traditional treatments, delving deep into the root causes of addiction to ensure a holistic approach to recovery.

At New Origins, we pride ourselves on a patient-centric methodology, understanding that each individual arrives with their unique history, struggles, and aspirations. By crafting a personalized approach, we have witnessed countless individuals rediscover their potential and embrace a life of sobriety and fulfillment. Our team of experienced professionals, from therapists to support staff, is dedicated to ensuring that your path to recovery is not only effective but also empowering.