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New Origins is an outpatient treatment program for men with addictive disorders and dual diagnoses. We are located in Redlands, CA, approximately sixty miles east of Los Angeles. While we provide services to qualified individuals from across the United States, our intensive outpatient model requires that patients maintain independent living and transportation arrangements. Many of our patients reside in Redlands, San Bernardino, Yucaipa, Riverside, Beaumont, Cherry Valley and other nearby cities. Our morning and evening class schedule is designed to allow our patients to go to jobs, or school or be home with children.


New Origins is a program for individuals who are actively working on recovery. This is not a program designed to fulfill a court order or check a box on an application, though we can act as a legal liaison when necessary. Rather, our mission is to help individuals who are fully committed to their own success and willing to do the work.

Success happens when you’re fully engaged in the process and show up each day ready to learn, grow, and develop the skills necessary for healthy living. 


If You’ve Recently Completed an In-Patient Rehab, or if You are Struggling with Addiction or Mental Health Without the Need for In-Patient Rehab, New Origins Can Help!

Our admission process begins with a tour and interview. During the interview, a New Origins intake counselor will determine whether or not our program is in alignment with your needs. Enrollment occurs once we’ve concluded that our classes can help you on your recovery journey – in terms of addiction management, life skill development, and mental health.

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The New Origins program is covered or partially covered by most PPO insurance plans as an out-of-network provider, and we are an in-network provider with TriCare West.